Updated Apr 21, 2009: Starting today Digg has revised the behavior of the DiggBar so that visitors to Digg-shortened URLs who are not logged in to a Digg account will be redirected through to the destination site instead of viewing the page with the DiggBar. Authenticated Digg users may also opt out of the DiggBar in their account settings.

De-DiggBar'ing a page's URL while keeping the DiggBar

Try accessing this page through its DiggBar'ed URL and watch the bounce.

This is still more proof-of-concept than packaged solution, but essentially here's how it works: There's a snippet of JavaScript that detects whether the page has been loaded into a DiggBar frame. If it has, it does a redirect back to itself passing the DiggBar token for the page along in the URL. The second snippet of JavaScript looks for the token and injects an iframe into the page that loads the DiggBar version, but is sized to only show the bar.

For more info or discussion (and more importantly, why this doesn't really work) head back to my blog post on the subject.