Return to old school

You might notice that I’m in the middle of some major design changes here. I’ve decided to go back to a look that will be more familiar to long-time readers. Back when I migrated over to this domain name I had the idea that I would do a series of redesigns using different basic color palettes, so I went from my grayscale + red look to one using primary colors that I never really finished. But I got to missing my old design and decided I wanted to go back and do a refined version of it.

I haven’t gotten around to touching absolutely everything in the site yet, but the core stuff is swapped over. Barring a minor change to bring in more photo thumbnails from my Flickr photostream on the home page and tweaks to the code for the Google sponsored links on post pages, everything I’ve done so far has been accomplished simply by providing a new style sheet for the site. I’ll probably go beyond that at some point; at the very least I need to swap out the logo for one that’s anti-aliased against a pure white background — or maybe for a transparent PNG so I don’t have to swap it out again.

Anyway, enough geeking out for now. We now return you to your regularly scheduled crickets chirping.