It’s been an absolutely crazy week. Starting a week ago Friday evening and going nearly non-stop through this past Wednesday we were walloped with just shy of 50" of snow in three separate waves. After the first round, I was able to get out walking for a few hours on Saturday evening and took a few photos of the surrounding neighborhood.

All told, I spent five out of six days shoveling for multiple hours at a time by hand—no fancy snowthrower for me—just to keep up with the snowfall and plow filling my driveway with ice boulders. [Thanks for that guys.] According to Laura, it might have gotten to me just a little…

What started as a narration on Twitter of the week’s shoveling and a little video clip I’d shot out of our bedroom window, this weekend, turned into a trailer for the feature film:

Any studios interested in the rights should feel free to contact me.