Amazon thinks my son is a bastard

Hey Jeff,

I know you’re busy chopping kindling and all, but maybe you could take just a few minutes to recognize that children have two parents. You see, my wife created a baby registry on your site, but now she’s the only one who’s allowed to add things to it. Why? You even asked her to enter my name when she created it, and you taunt me with it saying that the registry belongs to both of us right there on the page. But we both know the truth: You just don’t trust me to add items to my own son’s registry.

Are you afraid that I’d add a bunch of things that he shouldn’t have? Come on. I know he won’t be old enough for a BB gun for at least four or five years. Or maybe you don’t trust me not to put things on the list that would be more for me than for him, like, say, a new camera. But come on! I’m going to have to take tons of pictures of him. And, geez, you let Laura put a breast pump on there. How’s he going to use that?

So come on, Jeff, stop treating me like a deadbeat dad and let me parent my own son.


Porter Glendinning