Aidan Emery Glendinning

Patience apparently does not run in my genes, because late Sunday night our son, Aidan, decided that we’re not the boss of him and that it was time for him to see the world outside. After a few hours in the hospital he was born early Monday morning, and came out screaming to beat the band.

Over the last few days he and Laura and I have been getting into our routines, and for the most part he’s been an absolute angel — except for the times he’s decided that mid-diaper-change would be a good time to start pooping. Blowing bubbles from your backside with road tar can hardly be considered good behavior.

Right now it looks like we’ll be bringing him home tomorrow, which will be great. The private hospital room is nice and all — it’s even got a couch for me to sleep on so I’m not stuck in a chair — but it’ll be fantastic to sleep in our own bed again.